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Common Queries

How long will a spool last?

Each spool of wrapping paper is 30 inches wide by 16 feet long. Making it 120 square feet. 

How quickly will I get my items?

With the exception of holidays and documented downtime, all orders will be processed within 24 hours in which they are received. But remember, we are at the mercy of the delivery service. 

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes. Items are sold in bundles of 25 and are shipped within 48 hours of processing. Email for more details. 

Ways to Shop

In addition to our website, our inventory is linked to our Facebook store and Instagram store. We also do pop up shops. Contact us at for more info. 

Do you make custom orders?

Not at this time. 

Intellectual Property

All designs are original and copyrighted.


Any person, organization, or institution found in violation or breach of protected intellectual property rights, such as use or exploitation, to include counterfeiting or misappropriation, without the permission of Makena Prints, shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, both domestically and internationally.

Do you accept returns?

Due to the nature of our product we do not accept returns.

What makes Makena Prints different?

  1. Most companies only specialize in holiday patterns. From Birthdays, Graduations, Celebrations, and more, we aim to specialize in patterns for all holidays.

  2. Our material is thicker, our spools are longer, and we have more patterns than any other vendor. Our goal is simple: to be The Best Wrapper Alive! 

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